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The Institute for Human Relations, Counselling and Psychotherapy – Christian Counselling Centre is a Professional Organisation involved in three major areas of services.


1.      Training of Counsellors through courses of different duration.

2.      Direct Counselling services to the needy Individuals and Groups.

3.      Research, documentation and publications.


Seven principles underlying the the work of the Institute


Each person and community:

- Is Worthwhile

- Is Unique

- Has Gifts and Potentials to Develop

- Has Problems that can be Managed

- Is a Steward of the Planet’s Resources

- Is a Catalyst of Personal and Social Change

- Is a Partner in the Divine Cosmic Process of Peace, Justice and    Transformation.


The Director of the Institute Dr. B.J. Prashantham has defined Counselling as


“A relationship between the counsellor and the counsellee characterized by trust and openness, in a one to one or a small group relationship, whereby the counsellee is helped to work through his/her interpersonal and/or intrapersonal problems and crises.”


Therefore Counselling enables a Counsellee to:


-         Mobilize  internal and external resources and  find new options in facing life.

-   Discover and develop God given inherent potentialities and lead an integrated life.

-         Make contributions for the wellbeing of his/her fellow human beings. 


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International Conference on Wellbeing: Lifespan Perspectives & Practices for Sustainable Communities, JANUARY 18 & 19, 2019



Applications in the prescribed format with two page of Statement of Purpose (800 Words) are invited from eligible candidates for the following courses:

- 159th Eight week course on Psychological Counselling Scheduled to be held between 3rd Wednesday, January to 24th Saturday, February 2018. Last date for receipt of application is 20th December 2017.

Counselling can prevent 90 % of sucides (THE HINDU)

Family Life Enrichment Course

CCC News Letter XXXX1 Dec 2014

Professional Ethics 

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 The dates for the 8 week certificate course for the years 2017 and 2018

4 Week Course.

8 Week Course 


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