Out Patient Clinic


Counselling services are offered from Monday to Friday on prior appointment.  

Contact  0416-2261202/ 0416-2262189 . or email   cccindia2000@gmail.com   Time :  9.00 am to 5.00 pm


Counselling services provided at this institute is for normal persons who face life's eventualities and need the help of trained and experienced professional Counsellor at thte time of indecision and confusion.  The Counsellors help such people to view their problems rationally from different perspectives and examine possibilities to resolve using their inner potentialities.  Counselling can help such persons facing problems to approach and tackle the issues with scientific knowledge Counselling can also help those who do not have problems at hand to identify and enhance their innate potentialities, define directions, set goals and lead a successful life with a prepared mindset to meet the future challenges. 



The kinds of problems being dealt with are :issues of confusions and indecisions.


Individual issues of confusions and indecisions.

Relationship issues, disappointments and failures.

Difficulties in academic pursuits.

Vocational issues and adjustment in work places.

Suicidal ideations.

Marital issues and disharmony among spouses.

Premarital issues and preparation for marriage.

Delinquency and criminal tendencies.

Drug addiction and alcoholism.

All other issues related to human relations, coping and decision making.



Services are available on appointments.  Women clients can opt for women counsellors.  A nominal fee will be charged and concessions are available for clients from below poverty line families.


Individual ,,,,,,, Marriage and Family Counselling
1. Registration and Consultation 750.00 1500.00  


2. Psychological tests 350.00 1250.00  


3. Subsequent Sessions 375.00 1000.00 ...  ..............................


4. After 3 months counselling review 750.00 1500.00  




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