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APRIL 24, 2013

Two Important professional ethics Issues for your attention, information and use.

Dear Friends,

Trust this message finds you doing well, coping well, being in touch with your group, and going ahead realistically with your life and pursuits. We wish you all the best We will always be glad to hear from your whenever you write. This note is to bring to your notice two concerns that may be useful to you as a professional and believe you will take it in the right spirit. This message is both from me and our administrative committee.

1. Plagiarism

There are reports of plagiarism which as you know means using, quoting ideas of others without acknowledging the source of these ideas by members of mental health related professionals including some of our own alumni. It is so easy to forget to acknowledge the source of any ideas we use through reference in the text, speech or in bibliography. I do not need to further emphasize this. We would so much hope that none of the former participants of CCC would in future violate this principle. You may be aware that  the Ph. D. degree of  a German Minister was recently cancelled due to discovery of Plagiarism. India is a signatory to the international convention on intellectual property rights.

2. Inaccurate/ exaggerated claims in your CV.

In the area of professional ethics APA in the US & RCI in India have given some guidelines which are  in your  course resource  book. However, it has come to our notice that some alumni are using exaggerated and inaccurate information in their CV’s about their training at CCC. It must be avoided for your own professional integrity. If you have done an eight week course, what you may say is something like this “I have done an eight week P.G. Certificate residential 400 Hrs. course on Psychological  Counselling at CCC Vellore. Experiential  learning at the Center & through the CCC, field work at CMC was arranged  as part of the eight week programme by CCC”.  CCC will deny anything more than that, if contacted by anyone seeing your CV.  We are sure that whatever happened was unintentional and will be rectified by yourself and avoided in future. Feel free to check with us in case of doubt about the accuracy of your description of your important training at CCC. We are proud of your service to humanity in different ways. Keep in touch. If you have any news for us to publish in the newsletters, do send them along.  

Dr. B.J.Prashantham




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